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Feeling Safe

We all have the right to feel safe all the time.

Our bodies tell us when we are feeling safe.

Sometimes it’s fun to feel a little scared.  When we are feeling scared we may get goosebumps, our stomach might churn or our heart may beat faster.

Sometimes we watch scary films or go on scary fairground rides because it is fun. We are in control and we know it is going to end.

Our bodies tell us when we are not feeling safe. It could well be unsafe if it is not our choice or we are not in control.

We can talk with someone about anything even if it seems awful or small. We can ask for help if we are feeling unsafe. We will know when our problem has been solved when we feel safe again.

Websites, puzzles and games



Games and drawing

  • Can you find all the pairs
    Can you find all the pairs
    Load the pair game and click on the cards top right to turn them over.
  • Draw a picture and print it out
    Drawing and Colouring
    How good is your mouse control?
    Load the drawing board
  • Can you help the farmer collect all the apples
    Gather the apples
    Help the farmer collect all the apples. Load the farmer game. Use the arrow keys to move the farmer.

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